About DS Cleaning Service

The Company

DS Cleaning Service is one of the newest leading cleaning companies in Massachusetts, specialized in offering deep cleaning services with most-awaited solutions and best-certified products.

We have a highly trained team to serve you in all types of commercial properties in the US.

Why us?

We make sure to provide you with the best eco-friendly products, such as qualified and tested products, applied by a professional, trustworthy and well trained staff.

DS Cleaning guarantees that you will receive exceeding results and that your cleaning requirements will be well cared for.

All you have to do is to point your choice and book your cleaning day so we can help you prioritize your cleaning needs anytime any day!

Some of our Clients

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With DS Cleaning you benefit from 10+ years of expertise driven by a passion for excellence and proactive customer service in Boston Area. We embrace each client’s needs, providing a customized, flexible cleaning service.

What should I do?

At DS Cleaning Service, we follow the standards for cleaning each room:

  • from dusting furniture and accessories to washing all kind of floors and ceilings,
  • vacuuming carpets,
  • cleaning and mopping with all cabinets,
  • toilets,
  • scrubbing and sanitizing sinks,
  • polishing chrome and
  • deodorizing and other services if requested.

During each visit, our staff will dedicate their time quietly and politely to follow your requirements and complete their work as scheduled to meet your highest satisfaction and positive feedback.

The end result? Making your space clean, fresh and hygienic for you.